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Hisham Eldib

Managing Partner

Hisham completed his LL.B. in 1983 and joined the firm upon graduation.

Hisham started his practicing in the fields of Admiralty, Marine and Commercial (corporate) laws. His continuous work in these fields over the years allowed him to acquire extensive experience in both domestic and international Shipping, customs and Taxes, insurance claims, banking and finance, corporate and labor law, Real Estate, Property Management and contracts, Intellectual Property and other associated legal matters, including the alternative types of disputes’ resolution

He was chosen as a Partner in 1992, and became the Managing Partner as of 1996. His extensive experience extends to advising clients on stock market aspects and corporate transactions, including mergers and acquisitions, joint ventures, public company takeovers, shareholders agreements, and shares purchase.

Hisham has always been the head of the maritime team at our office. Hisham led the emergency team in handling all types of claims including oil pollutions (M/T Abul Kalam Azad, M/T Grigoroussa 1), hull damage (M/V Lanai, M/V Costa Europa) damage to fixed and floating objects (FFO)—as in the M/V Sarah Degagnés and Lyra Leader—which was a claim that included cargo shortage and damage, customs claims and bunkers disputes.

Hisham is the legal consultant of a number of the biggest companies working in Egypt in both the marine and corporate fields including multinational companies running container terminals, oil petroleum companies and is also assisting major banks and multinational companies working in the different fields of the Egyptian Economy.

Hisham enjoys a wide circle of relationships in the legal and corporate areas and is a well-respected figure before the different authorities working in the fields covered by our services; Hisham is a member of several national and international organizations and is also the legal advisor to the Alexandria Chamber of Shipping and the Egyptian Vessels’ Owners Federation.


University of Alexandria, Faculty of Law, LL.B. 1983


Arabic and English

Fields of Specialization:

Corporate Law & Commercial, International Trade ServicesEnergyIntellectual PropertyLegal Consultation & ContractsShipping, Translation Services


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