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Progress time line:

The firm was first established in 1875 when two foreign lawyers in Alexandria formed a partnership under the name of Aicard & Moss. Aicard was a French lawyer from the Marseilles Bar, while Moss was a British Solicitor from Liverpool. They brought with them substantial experience in Maritime Law through practicing in their respective countries of origin, and were soon appointed by nearly all the ship owners’ Protection & Indemnity Associations as the primary attorneys and correspondents in the ports of Egypt.

They quickly built up a successful practice before the so-called “Egyptian Mixed Court”. The mixed courts were special because they applied the Egyptian Law Codes derived chiefly from the French Code, while the judges sitting therein consisted of both Egyptian and foreign judges from various countries. Their jurisdiction extended to legal disputes whenever foreign interests, including individuals and corporate bodies, were involved. The firm continued to act as correspondents for most of the Ship owners’ Protection and Indemnity Associations, and as lawyers and Consultants for the majority of ship owners whose ships were trading with Egyptian ports, including the Egyptian state-owned Shipping Corporations.

In the late eighties our offices were modernized to accommodate the worldwide computing trend. We became one of the very first law firms in Egypt to adopt IT technologies and use computers in a legal field. In 1992 the firm officially changed its name to Eldib Advocates, the name under which it operates today. We expanded our focus in the late nineties to accommodate the changes in global economy and politics.

The Nineties experienced a surge of changes to legal systems all over the world and began to encompass fields including: child labor, family laws, copyright and IP laws in the internet age, as well as many others. The firm monitored these changes as they emerged from the western world and were prepared to enter the new century with appropriate training in handling these subjects as they made their way to the Middle East and North Africa.

Eldib Advocates remains committed to the highest sense of excellence and dedication to our clients. We believe that as times changes politically and locally, new opportunities arise and we are beckoned to deliver whenever a fresh idea or practices comes along.