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We are long-term, specialist advisers to the international shipping business. Our longstanding experience and proficiency produced us to represent most of Protection & Indemnity Associations in the Egyptian ports and to be the legal advisor of the Shipping Chambers in Egypt. As our most renowned and specialized field of expertise we have a solid understanding of how the market works from the perspective of the P&I Clubs, underwriters, ship-owners, charterers, providers, freight forwarders, and cargo interest.

Our complete coverage in the Egyptian ports has fostered our experience in dealing with the port authorities, terminals, and other respective governmental departments, which allows us to attend to our clients’ requests efficiently and in the prescribed time. Our focus is on assisting our clients to guard against and manage risks, and to assist them to resolve disputes.

We specialize in handling the following topics:

Environmental claims:

Our team has extensive experience in handling environmental cases according to the laws and regulations governing this area of practice with a focus on cases related to the marine environment. We have worked on cases that dealt with: Oil pollution, damage to coral reefs, illegal fishing, dropping noxious substances, and ballast water disputes. We have wide experience in dealing with the Egyptian Environment Authority Affairs, which we have fostered a great relationship over the years.

Cargo Claims:

Due to a high rates of import and export activities, we have been involved with a wide range of cargo claims, including general and bulk oil and grain, containerized carriage, perishable and special cargo. We handle all of carriage disputes, involving ships, road, and logistics.

Inland transportation:

Due to the expansion of the inland transportation activities reflecting the rapid progress of Multimodal transport, we provide all legal services to our clients in connection with such kind of transportation. Our services include: Road incidents, theft of cargo and containers, sealing break, cargo claims, documentation process, breach of contracts, and insurance.

Suez Canal Disputes:

Noting that the Suez Canal is the core of the shipping trade all over the world, one of our historical and main activities is dealing with all aspects related to the Suez Canal business. We are well known proficient in the rules of navigation of the Suez Canal; we are accustomed to the methods and dealings of a deep-rooted authority like the SCA (Suez Canal Authority) and handling marine disputes in this area is totally different. We counsel clients and assist them in their claims concerning the determination of the transit dues.

Bills of Lading and Charterparties:

We advise on and draft bills of lading, waybills, electronic bills of lading, liner bills, combined bills, and multimodal bills of lading. We revise and draft charterparties, bareboat, and time or voyage charters, contract of affreightment or slot charter.

Commercial Matters:

We are also specialized in commercial matters connected to the marine industry including: ship finance, sale, purchase, leasing, hire purchase, mortgage and registration of ships. We are very much aware of the requirements of the bunker industry and are well positioned to offer legal advice tailored to the needs of our clients business.

Ships Arrest:

We have a large experience in dealing with the procedures of the conservatory and executive arrests placed on vessels. One of our specialties is handling the distinctive and short-term proceedings in this respect before the Judge of Urgent Matters, Court of Execution, and the Execution Administration.

Collision and Shipwreck Accidents:

Our firm has handled a number of boat and ship accidents, which had been taking place in the area of Mediterranean Sea, Red Sea, and Suez Canal. We have taken ship collision cases to trial and won many verdicts and settlements for our clients. We also advise on the matters related to the ships wreck removal.

Marine Disasters:

Our team handles marine accidents including the pollution, grounding, salvage, unsafe birth, allusion, and general average cases.

Our experienced experts can advise on all aspects of such incidents, including emergency disaster control, preservation of evidence, strategic defense planning, personal injury assistance, stowaway and repatriation, and damage limitation.

We believe that teamwork is the key to success and Eldib Advocates is equipped to provide well-rounded services due to our many office locations. Collaborations between our different branches often take place to promptly and effectively handle our client’s issue in the most professional manner.

Ports and Terminals:

Our specialist ports and terminals team advise on all aspects of national and international port and terminal ownership, development and redevelopment, expansion, regulation, operation, management and use.

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